Hurock Education Development Inc. is the overseas branch of Dalian Hurock Education Inc. in China. Our mission is to be the bridge connecting China and Canada to promote educational collaboration between their institutions.

Dalian Hurock Education Inc. in China owns two career colleges: Dalian Heavy-Industry Technology College (DHITC) and Dalian Yicai Technology College (DYTC). Both colleges have over 10 years of history in education. Over the past years, DHITC and DYTC have achieved great accomplishments on international collaboration with North America institutions, Technology careering training leading to employment in the Chinese labour market, pathways to university, etc. The two schools have also gained reputation for their “rigorous scholarship and standardized administration”. Both were ranked as “Employer most satisfied school” in 2014.

The two schools under Dalian Hurock Education Inc. in China currently have a total of 4500 students. Programs covering the two main sectors of Business and Technology include: Numerical Control and Manufacturing, Electrical Engineering, Industrial Intelligence, Auto Repair and Maintenance, Accounting, Marketing, and Early Childhood Education. Graduates and alumni are always in high demand in the Dalian employment market and the programs have become brand training programs in Dalian.

The third school of Dalian Hurock Education Inc. in China, Dalian Hanying International High School, is in the process of establishment. It will be built on a 27-acre (111,000 square metres) ground with 1.1 million square feet (100,000 square metres) of building surface. The school will be designed and built according to North American school standards with advanced facilities and associated functions. It will be the best international school in northern China. The planned school opening and enrolment start date will be in fall 2018.


Hurock Education Development Inc. was established in Canada to be the front-line office to promote internationalization of the two career colleges and the international high school of Dalian Hurock in China, to study and import the most advanced education model, deepen collaborations with Canadian colleges, so to achieve the best international education in China.